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3rd Bite

Nov. 29th, 2011 08:44 pm
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[Action: Near 506 Ricardo Street]

[First of all, one might notice that the window in 506 Ricardo street is broken. Well, more like it, and a lot of the wall surrounding it, is now all over the lawn, along with a couch that's shattered into several pieces. And if your eyes follow the direction of the wreckage they'll come upon...

A little bat-winged girl in a pink dress standing under a tree with an irritated look on her face, clinging to the trunk like she's on an island or a sinking vessel. Occasionally when the wind blows and all the leaves and branches move she winces and moves about like she's dodging acid rain or something.]

[Action: Around Town]

[Now equipped with a parasol, Remilia is taking a walk about. It's surreal, seeing the town all sweetly peaceful again after what had happened... and then she's shaken out of her thoughts as an errant sprinkler shoots across the sidewalk and she dodges like its a flamethrower. Or maybe one of the drones got careless with the hose and the next thing you know, she's yelling at them like they tried to shoot her.

What's up with that?]

2nd Bite

Oct. 1st, 2011 04:51 pm
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[Just one, short, terse question:]

What's so great about love anyway?

[Action; Elementary School]

[There is a little girl in a floofy pink dress picking at her lunch and looking generally discontent. Approach?]
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So I just talk into this end and everyone else can hear me? What an interesting device~ It’s almost like Patchouli’s magic. I just wish there was a picture too…

[The child-like curiosity in her voice is soon replaced by a rather haughty yet refined tone]

In any case, I suppose I should introduce myself, shouldn’t I? My name is Remilia Scarlet, the Scarlet Devil, even if they have taken away my birthrights and magic. That does not change who or what I am.

Now, this woman claiming to be my "mother" is a rather boring person. And she doesn't take anything I say seriously! Clearly, this is unacceptable. I’d like her removed immediately. In her place… well, I’ve heard that there might be others here from Gensokyo? Of course, I want first to invite those of my household to come to me, but if that’s not possible I suppose I wouldn’t mind the red-white.

Well? I’m waiting.

[Action: 506 Ricardo Street]

[There appears to be a young girl in a floofy pink dress (but not the right floofy pink dress) with blue hair arguing with a drone mother who seems to be convinced she needs to spend more time out in the sun. Oh, the irony.]

No, I don't need to listen to anything a human like you tells me to, and that's final!

[Interfere? Y/N]


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